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Praising The Cryptostorm Team

Posted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 12:38 am
by Redneck Ninja
It is so very often that the people who provide superior service & support do not receive the praise and complements they so richly deserve. I have looked through the postings here and have seen other users give praise to the Cryptostorm team, but instead of replying to those posts and risking the chance of mine not being seen, I decided to start a new thread. The people who make up the Cryptostorm team certainly deserve all the compliments they get. So, kudos to Cryptostorm for their superior service and support!

I would also like to single out one individual for his excellent support and willingness to deal with my n00b questions and rantings. Fermi responded to my support request, and provide a solution, in a timely manner. During that time, there was a lot of back and forth between him and I, but he never once made me feel like I was some idiot or in any way not welcome. When helping me with my situation, He always provided me with a wealth of information so that I could better understand what the problem might be and how it could be fixed. He answered all of my questions (even the n00b ones), and all the answers he provided were explained in a manner that was easily understood. It's a rare talent for someone to have, that they take the time and have the patience to provide the support the customer needs, and have that customer come away completely satisfied.

Because of all this, I would have no problems what so ever in referring someone who needed VPN service to Cryptostorm. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, whether that person was to be a complete newbie or someone with experience, they would be completely satisfied with Cryptostorm's service.

Fantastic job guys, and keep up the good work!

Re: Praising The Cryptostorm Team

Posted: Fri Nov 06, 2015 3:40 pm
by nymnom
Oh go on then...

Must admit, just being fed terminology has enabled me to go off and learn so much. Admittedly, most of that learning results in the realisation that I know fuck all, but that to me is always the beginning of more. Fascinating stuff.

Love the fact they're absolute shite at marketing/PR. I don't tend to trust any firm that has it's focus on that wank.

...oh and don't get me started on PJ. I have such an intellectual crush on that person it's untrue. It ain't creepy yet, but we shall see where that ends up :D

Mwuah!, you dodgy twats. :D

Re: Praising The Cryptostorm Team

Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 11:05 am
by marzametal

Re: Praising The Cryptostorm Team

Posted: Sat Apr 30, 2016 9:20 am
by adfsaf
cs team please for the love of pj

clarify if the above post is spoofed / fake pj post.


Re: Praising The Cryptostorm Team

Posted: Mon May 02, 2016 4:05 pm
by Redneck Ninja
Seeing as I'm the author of this particular topic, I'm not entirely sure who these posts referring to "dark paths" and friends, enemies and the like are directed towards. At any rate, all I want to say is that I have no idea what Independent and hum or PJ are referring to, because the whole point of my topic was to give credit where credit was due in the case of good customer support when I was having some problems with my VPN connection. I am in no way connected to what this person(s) is talking about.

Re: Praising The Cryptostorm Team

Posted: Wed May 04, 2016 6:11 pm
by df
I've gone ahead and deleted PJ's post since it's relating to some personal matters of his and has nothing to do with CS. Also he was in the hospital when he posted that, so there's a good chance he was on a lot of pain medication (and no, he didn't have access to anything CS related at that time, and still hasn't had any since the beginning of 2015).

Re: Praising The Cryptostorm Team

Posted: Thu Jul 14, 2016 1:02 am
by DesuStrike
Let me salute the CS-Team as well! You've always done a terrific job in my book. And the few times where things went sideways it wasn't because of you being ignorant or negligent but because there is only so much a small team of human beings can do with the limited resources they have. I sometimes may use harsh words or get on your nerves but its always to spur you on and to highlight an issue I identified as being important even if it wasn't important in the end. I was more than once proven wrong by you guys and still you were always nice and supporting about it. I learned a lot from you guys not only about VPN security but also about being open minded and determined. It's a shallow saying but: KEEP IT UP! You and many community members on this forum are the only people I really trust on the internet. You are the best community in the world!

I know I went very silent and I only speak up when the situation requires it. This doesn't mean I lost 1% of my love for the team or the community. I'm still there just more as an observer than an active participant.

Also let me give a small salute to PJ as well. For a guy I never met in person I really care for him and I'm saddened about his condition. He is the one who got me hooked with CryptoStorm and I always liked to read his book-sized ramblings on the forums or in the blog. The genius is often just one step away from being a madman. At least this is how I picture PJ. Be it true or not.