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the Linode hack - security implication & tactical details

Freewheeling spot to chew the fat on anything cryptostorm-related that doesn't fit elsewhere (i.e. support, howto, &c.). Criticism & praise & brainstorming & requests for explanation... this is where it goes when it's hot & ready for action! :-)
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the Linode hack - security implication & tactical details

Postby Pattern_Juggled » Tue Apr 16, 2013 1:34 pm

VPS host Linode issues customer-wide password reset
Summary: After discovering and blocking an attack on one of its customers' accounts, Linode has issued a password reset to all of its customers.
By Michael Lee | April 16, 2013 -- 07:15 GMT (00:15 PDT)

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting company Linode has reset the passwords on all of its user accounts following a "coordinated attempt to access one of our customers".

In a email sent to its customers, it wrote that it had discovered and blocked suspicious activity on the Linode network, specifically targeting one particular customer's hosting package.

"We have found no evidence that any Linode data of any other customer was accessed. In addition, we have found no evidence that payment information of any customer was accessed."

While Linode did not divulge who the customer was, it said that it was aware of the attempt on its account and of the extent and impact of the attempted breach.

"We have been advised that law enforcement officials are aware of the intrusion into this customer's systems."

Although other customers' accounts have not been affected, Linode has decided to reset all passwords and is recommending that users change their shell passwords, as well as regenerate any Linode API keys that they may have.

There are currently claims that the breach stems further than a single customer. A Linode customer wrote on the WebHosting Talk forum that they had been contacted by a hacker with the online handle "ryan_".

Ryan_ claims that his hacking group, Hack The Planet, had access to the manager.linode.com domain via a ColdFusion exploit and that it had a deal with Linode staff not to share it. He alleges that Linode broke the deal by contacting law enforcement, and that while credit card details were stored encrypted, the private and public keys required to decrypt them were also stored on a compromised server.

Linode currently has an investigation under way and has told customers that it is unable to comment on ryan_'s claims.

Ryan_ had posted a directory listing for the linode.com website, which should normally not be visible to the public. The files and directories in the listing match most of those currently in use, including filenames that should not be easy to guess. The listing does not, however, provide enough information to determine if credit cards were actually compromised.
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Re: the Linode hack - security implication & tactical detail

Postby Pattern_Juggled » Tue Apr 16, 2013 1:39 pm

This is an edited version of the linode.log file for 15th April.
{I added the coloured highlight to a few lines, 'cause they caught my eye -Pt_jD}

'ryan_' is involved with HTP (a computer cracking collective).

TL;DR version:

05:10 < ryan_> https://bin.defuse.ca/hq0Ay8RzpKdR6vQwYxnmhc {screenshotted in post below -Pt_jD}
05:11 < ryan_> if that's not proof I don't know what is

If you are a linode customer, I strongly suggest reconsidering. And
changing your banking credentials.

* * *

05:05 < ryan_> Hey I can tell you
05:05 < ryan_> exact details of the attack
05:05 < ryan_> manager.linode.com was breached with a coldfusion exploit
05:05 < ryan_> it was compromised for a couple of weeks
05:05 < kyhwana> I hope they're using bcrypt/similar, etc.
05:05 < ryan_> we made a deal with linode staff not to share it
05:05 < ryan_> kyhwana: sha256crypt
05:05 < kyhwana> ryan_: god some proof?
05:05 < shmoon> "we"?
05:05 < kyhwana> s/d/t
05:05 < kyhwana> heh
05:05 < ryan_> they contacted law enforcement
05:05 < ryan_> broke the deal
05:05 < ryan_> kyhwana: the released database should serve as proof
05:06 < ryan_> We will also release the logs of the linode staff who participated in this deal
05:06 < shmoon> "WE"???
05:06 < shmoon> who is we?
05:06 < ryan_> of course they wouldn't have ever told you (customers) about it if we didn't tell them that we will release the data after we saw them contacting LE
05:06 < ryan_> does it matter who is "we"?
05:06 < ryan_> It's an entity I represent
05:07 < drclawski> of course it matters who you represent
05:07 < ryan_> you probably weren't targetted but doesn't stop us from releasing your credit card info since linode staff tried to fuck us over
05:07 < shmoon> hm
05:08 < drclawski> well, the way you talk right now I'm glad linode contacted law enforcement
05:08 < shmoon> :D
05:08 < gerryvdm_mbp> ah, could change back to my original password after intermediary one!
05:08 < Ruchira_> ryan_: got a link to that db where I can download it?
05:08 < Ruchira_> :*
05:08 < kyhwana> link 2 pastebin plz
05:09 < ryan_> Ruchira_: not yet
05:09 < mestri> this sounds so fishy
05:09 < shmoon> credit card details were leaked ? :o
05:09 < chesty> full of it
05:09 < ryan_> https://twitter.com/hacktheplanet
05:09 < ryan_> you can follow there
05:10 < ryan_> hey
05:10 < ryan_> lets prove it this way
05:10 < chesty> there's nothing there
05:10 < Ruchira_> ryan_: gimme the db or GTFO
05:10 < ryan_> https://bin.defuse.ca/hq0Ay8RzpKdR6vQwYxnmhc
05:11 < ryan_> if that's not proof I don't know what is
05:12 < mestri> hm i see.
05:12 < Ruchira_> wow someone can right click and view source O_o
05:12 < ryan_> Ruchira_: do you have the slightest idea on what you are talking about?
05:12 < Ruchira_> yup
05:12 < ryan_> well then, I wouldn't have the source code of any of those files, right?
05:13 < ryan_> and why would I have the y_key_57284cb2de704e02.html file name?
05:13 < ryan_> caker:{SHA}f6gtSn8vrtJfOr5BL73qur9pZjM=
05:13 < ryan_> mgreb:{SHA}Rs6+t2AmP8Zk9Tt2L8V6KoF/p68=
05:13 < ryan_> tasaro:{SHA}VX3HOGFij2T+vBPQsJziNeFih9s=
05:13 < ryan_> restelow:kO8AB7F2vGeTY
05:13 < ryan_> irgeek:{SHA}vB9kanV+A2b6YBHskkgrWPmDLhU=
05:13 < ryan_> sschwertly:{SHA}MhAwd561ZtgAH2NgXLltvmWlgfQ=
05:13 < ryan_> dariti:{SHA}qWfPCORks8jobCzOHX6BcX5FS+Q=
05:13 < ryan_> bkaplan:{SHA}npf7EGrBJVP/L70h830WZcjBMP8=
05:13 < ryan_> psandin:{SHA}tKrcBAD/mj25kX0MSrZKtWAbpRk=
05:13 < kyhwana> why would there be random AMI bios ROMS in that htdoc?
05:13 < ryan_> afolson:{SHA}udkD+S5jcqr66VDf6OgSxhHhbzQ=
05:13 < ryan_> cron:{SHA}FFwIAcaqmbdxfVGfpoCtd4pva4Y=
05:13 < ryan_> I wouldn't have those either
05:14 < ryan_> I don't know
05:14 < scottymeuk> kyhwana: even linode has random shit lying around like the rest of us :P
05:14 < ryan_> ask linode staff
05:18 < ryan_> kyhwana: I just pasted admin hashes
05:18 < ryan_> that should be enough
05:19 < ryan_> and manager is on the same box as the main website
05:19 < kyhwana> So what? anyone can make up hashes
05:19 < ryan_> See http://www1.linode.com/manager/
05:19 < AlexC_> The best thing to do is to wait for an official response from Linode, a follow up to their blog post
05:19 < ryan_> kyhwana: yes and I can get all the files in their wwwroot?
05:19 < ryan_> give me a name of a file which source you want
05:21 -!- mode/#linode [+b *!*[email protected]*] by akerl
05:21 -!- mode/#linode [+ntc ] by ChanServ
05:21 -!- ryan_ was kicked from #linode by akerl [ryan_]
05:22 < akerl> Sorry, I was busy nomming
05:24 -!- ssthormess [[email protected]] has joined #linode
05:24 < kyhwana> well, LEO involvement just imply CC breaches. If there's any chance of a CC breach, i'd like to know so I can change my CC number
05:24 < AlexC_> chesty: If they don't, they're stupid (and I don't like using that word to describe Linode after being with them for years!)
05:24 -!- ryan| [[email protected]] has joined #linode
05:24 < ryan|> quite rude of you
05:24 < Ruchira_> hi ryan!:
05:24 -!- azizur [[email protected]] has joined #linode
05:24 -!- mode/#linode [+b *!*@37.235.49.*] by akerl
05:25 < ssthormess> anyone works for linode here?
05:25 -!- ryan| was kicked from #linode by akerl [ryan|]
05:25 < chesty> and the cover up begins
05:27 -!- root__ [[email protected]] has joined #linode
05:27 -!- root__ is now known as ryan||
05:27 < chesty> http://seclists.org/nmap-dev/2013/q2/3
05:27 < ryan||> Quite rude out of you
05:27 < ryan||> To ban me like that
05:28 < ryan||> akerl: Mind sharing what motivated your bans on me?
05:28 < ryan||> Did I offend you by sharing the truth?
05:29 < ryan||> Hey, you didn't go by our deal. What did you expect?
05:30 < ryan||> I had a nice deal with linode staff that they don't share the fact htat they got owned with anyone and we won't release info on their hack
05:30 < ryan||> (including customer credit cards)
05:30 < ryan||> which will now be released
05:30 < AlexC_> ryan||: This is best sorted between you and Linode, if you could just let this channel get on to normalilty and support users that'd be great
05:31 < ryan||> AlexC_: oh, but it's users data at stake here
05:31 < scottymeuk> ryan||: if your going to release it, then why are you here? Nothing we can do to stop you.
05:31 < ryan||> scottymeuk: why can't I stop by and talk
05:31 < ryan||> Is that illegal?
05:32 < ryan||> ssthormess: you don't care about the fact that it took linode staff about two weeks to tell their customers about the breach?
05:33 < ssthormess> ryanll: no. I work with Citibank Chase and Bank of America and all three have zero customer liability.
05:33 < Ruchira> ryan||: give us the link to cold fusion vulnerability that you are talking about
05:34 < ryan||> Ruchira: 0day
05:34 < ryan||> linode staff apparently failed to deduce it themselves and relied on chmodding CFIDE to 000
05:36 < ryan||> (It's surprising that anyone is still running coldfusion, that's like connection a windows 98 box to the internet without a firewall)
05:36 < ryan||> ssthormess: did you reset your instance api keys?
05:36 < ryan||> lish keys too?
05:36 < ssthormess> ryanll: how I do that?
05:37 < ryan||> Do you care about your data integrity?
05:37 < ryan||> would you mind if your linode was hacked?
05:37 < kyhwana> ohnoes, you have a public key!
05:37 < ryan||> kyhwana: lish passwords were stored in plain text
05:38 < ryan||> Last time I checked you couldn't disable password authnetication
05:38 < ryan||> and linode staff didn't properly secure the screen setup lish uses so it allowed breaking out of lish to the host environment
05:38 < ryan||> so someone using the same node as you being compromised would be enough for your server to be compromised
05:38 < kyhwana> and who leaves a login into their box logged in on lish eh?
05:38 < ryan||> Does it matter when you can break out to the host environment?
05:39 < ryan||> And unless you changed your api key, someone can just change your boot configs to init=/bin/bash
05:40 < gerryvdm_mbp> lish passwords were saved in plaintext?
05:40 < ryan||> Yep
05:40 < ryan||> so were the api keys (which could at least have been hashed)
05:42 < ryan||> credit cards were encrypted, sadly both the private and public keys were stored on the webserver so that provides 0 additional security
05:42 < AlexC_> If this is true, which I'm guessing it is, it's like finding out a good friend of many years has betrayed you :P I deeply hope that Linode provide full transparency on this
05:42 < gerryvdm_mbp> are they hashed now?
05:42 < ryan||> AlexC_: did they provide any transparency on the previous hacks?
05:42 < ryan||> gerryvdm_mbp: probably not
05:43 < AlexC_> ryan||: Not entirely, which was just wonderful
05:43 < ryan||> I don't know, but seeing how long it took for linode staff to detect us. I doubt it
05:43 < gerryvdm_mbp> i can understand php script kiddies storing passwords as plaintext, but a hoster.... that would be quite shocking
05:43 < AlexC_> But if they don't give details this time, they are going to have to do something incredilble to keep me as a customer
05:43 < ryan||> Well linode also had terribly configured coldfusion
05:43 < Ruchira> ryan||: I dont think linode would ever store lish passwords on plain text.
05:44 < ryan||> (adobe manuals tell you to not allow public access to /CFIDE/, which linode did)
05:44 < ryan||> Ruchira: oh but they did
05:44 < gerryvdm_mbp> ryan|| how do you know this?
05:44 < scottymeuk> gerryvdm_mbp: im pretty sure its one of the first things even script kiddles learn :P
05:44 < ryan||> Because I'm one of the people who hacked it?
05:44 < Ruchira> ryan||: proof?
05:45 < gerryvdm_mbp> you cant be a professional and not knowing how even hashing with salts is such a bad idea, but plaintext... that would be several levels of incompetence
05:45 < ryan||> The zine is scheluded to be released on the first of may which will contain the full database
05:45 < ryan||> Ruchira: I can get you the source code of the script that stores lish passwords
05:45 < ryan||> sec
05:45 < d-b> ryan||: which zine?
05:45 < ryan||> let me find it, coldfusion is horrible to read
05:45 < ryan||> d-b: htp5
05:47 < Ruchira> ryan||: first of the may? why?
05:47 < ryan||> Ruchira: due to other content
05:48 -!- ryan|| [[email protected]] has quit [autokilled: This host violated network policy. Mail [email protected] if you think this in error. (2013-04-15 09:48:28)]
05:48 < chesty> how has he violated network policy?
05:48 < shmoon> even i am wondering
05:49 < kyhwana> hacked box, obviously
05:49 < scottymeuk> Because they want to try and hide it?
05:49 < AlexC_> Not cool Linode, not cool
05:49 < shmoon> man even i am afraid now :S
05:49 -!- ryann [[email protected]] has joined #linode
05:49 < Ruchira> wow :D
05:49 < ryann> Why are people so rude nowadays
05:49 < ryann> glining me like that and stuff
05:49 < ryann> Well akilling, little difference
05:50 < chesty> someone doesn't want the truth to be known
05:50 < ryann> Generally having to ban users is a clear sign of incompetence by the staff
05:50 < AlexC_> Yep, which is *very* bad of Linode
05:51 < AlexC_> I understand they may not want someone to disclose details like this, but the details *need* to come out. If Linode don't do it them selves, then they are fools
05:51 < ryann> If linode had any way of proving that I'm not telling the truth they wouldn't be banning me
05:51 < ryann> they'd be calling me out
05:51 < chesty> ryann: so my linode has FDE, do you need to reboot in order to break in?
05:51 < Ruchira> all the staff should be eyeing on this chat right now lol
05:51 < mikegrb> lulz
05:51 < ryann> chesty, not necessary
05:52 < AlexC_> Ruchira: I assume due to the lack of their presence, they are all huddled around a table discussing this
05:52 < ryann> FDE will make it significantly harder, but you can still access the memory while it's running
05:52 < rww> except for mikegrb, who is dilligently sitting here typing "lulz" every so often
05:52 < rww> (yes, I know)
05:53 < chesty> ah well, i made it harder, so I'm happy
05:53 < ryann> btw
05:53 < ryann> $dbhost = 'newnova.theshore.net';
05:53 < ryann> $dbname = 'linode_forums';
05:53 < ryann> $dbuser = 'linode';
05:53 < ryann> $dbpasswd = 'cfr41qa';
05:56 < ryann> gdi can't linode just use some normal language
05:56 < ryann> Their current source is horrible to read trough
05:56 < Ruchira> ryann: the shore was abandoned long time ago. Im wondering why would they use that host name for a db host
05:57 < ryann> Ruchira, the forum is pretty old too
05:57 < ryann> phpbb2
05:57 < ryann> <cfif ListLen(cgi.script_name, "/") gt 2 AND ListGetAt(cgi.script_name, 2, "/") eq "linode" AND NOT ListFind("index.cfm,linode_edit.cfm,linode_resize.cfm,label.cfm,cancel.cfm,dc_choose.cfm,su.cfm,pastdue.cfm", ListGetAt(cgi.script_name, 3, "/"))> <cfinclude template="/members/linode/common/dsp_topNav.cfm"> </cfif>
05:57 < ryann> this code
05:57 < ryann> It's so dirty I feel bad reading it
05:58 < AlexC_> ryann: People have been bugging them to upgrade the forums for a long time
05:59 < ryann> I like how linode does stuff like this
05:59 < ryann> manager/controllers/Signup.cfc: var lsd = query("getLinodeSignupData", "SELECT FieldName, Fieldvalue FROM ln_LinodeSignupData WHERE LinodeSignupID = #ls.LinodeSignupID#").recordSet;
05:59 < ryann> var lsd
06:00 < AlexC_> ryann: So, are you saying CC details have also been compromised?
06:00 < ryann> Yep
06:00 < AlexC_> ryann: And you plan on releasing these?
06:00 < ryann> They did try to encrypt them, but using public key encryption doesn't work if you have the public and private key in the same directory
06:00 < AlexC_> Oh linode
06:00 < shmoon> please dont get me wrong, can you hack someone's box here? so that its compeltely proved or something, i need to ge tback to work too. dont hack mine.
06:00 < ryann> AlexC_, probably. Linode didn't hold on to their part of the deal
06:01 < AlexC_> ryann: Sure, but there is no reason to compromise so many people
06:01 < Ruchira> ryann: money deal?
06:01 < ryann> Ruchira, "We won't share if you don't share"
06:02 < ryann> But they contacted law enforcement, we were monitoring their communications and caught onto that though
06:02 < Ruchira> so whats the point of hacking linode then?
06:02 < ryann> Access to a couple of clients
06:02 < ryann> nmap was just funny
06:02 < Ruchira> bitcoin?
06:02 < ryann> If I wanted bitcoins, I'd have went after softlayer and got mtgox
06:02 < ryann> But money's boring
06:03 < scottymeuk> Money is boring, i agree.
06:03 < gerryvdm_mbp> bitcoin is money?
06:03 < ryann> Well, it's not
06:03 < scottymeuk> gerryvdm_mbp: naa
06:04 < ryann> But what would you do with it besides exchange it to money?
06:04 < scottymeuk> ryann: try to buy a linode on IRC
06:04 < gerryvdm_mbp> store it :)
06:04 -!- ryann [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
06:05 -!- ryannn [[email protected]] has joined #linode
06:05 -!- brennannovak [[email protected]] has joined #linode
06:05 < ryannn> Bitcoins are quite useless, and besides storing bitcoins after stealing everything from mtgox would be pointless
06:05 < Ruchira> ryannn: for what kind of "content" that you are waiting for?
06:05 < ryannn> as bitcoin prices would permanently crash as the last bits of trust are gone
06:06 < ryannn> Ruchira, other targets
06:06 < Ruchira> to release it on may 1
06:06 < gerryvdm_mbp> only use i can think of it is exchanging pure services :)
06:06 < gerryvdm_mbp> but then again its an unnecessary layer
06:06 < scottymeuk> gerryvdm_mbp: if it ever got mainstream, governments would find a way to control it anyway, so its pointless
06:07 < gerryvdm_mbp> its a scheme, it cant get mainstream
06:07 < ryannn> Bitcoins are mostly a lie anyways
06:07 < scottymeuk> Regardless, if it got 'big', they would find a way
06:07 < ryannn> They say there's no 'central weak point'
06:07 < ryannn> Yeah there is, there's the developers
06:08 < ryannn> There's been bugs in the client that have allowed the blockchain to split previously
06:08 < ryannn> One could just backdoor the bitcoin client binaries, not the source.
06:08 < ryannn> Nobody would figure it out until it's too late
06:10 < scottymeuk> Id rather a bank control my money, so that if it all goes fucked up, there is atleast someone to blame.
06:15 < gkmngrgn> hello, i forgot my password and linode's email reminder service doesn't work. i checked spam box but there's no email from linode.
06:15 < shmoon> ryannn: can you give him the password?
06:15 < scottymeuk> shmoon: damn you, you beat me to it!
06:23 < ryannn> shmoon, sorry I only have the sources on my server
06:23 < ryannn> db is on my desktop
06:24 < scottymeuk> ryannn: so your not in this to do large scale damage, only after a few clients?
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Re: the Linode hack - security implication & tactical detail

Postby Pattern_Juggled » Tue Apr 16, 2013 1:41 pm

...just a scatterbrained network topologist & crypto systems architect……… ҉҉҉

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Re: the Linode hack - security implication & tactical detail

Postby Pattern_Juggled » Tue Apr 16, 2013 1:45 pm

Security Notice: Linode Manager Password Reset
April 12, 2013 7:08 pm

The following email has been sent to all users:

Dear Linode customer,

Linode administrators have discovered and blocked suspicious activity on the Linode network. This activity appears to have been a coordinated attempt to access the account of one of our customers. This customer is aware of this activity and we have determined its extent and impact. We have found no evidence that any Linode data of any other customer was accessed. In addition, we have found no evidence that payment information of any customer was accessed.

We have been advised that law enforcement officials are aware of the intrusion into this customer’s systems. We have implemented all appropriate measures to provide the maximum amount of protection to our customers. Out of an abundance of caution, however, we have decided to implement a Linode Manager password reset. In so doing, we have immediately expired all current passwords. You will be prompted to create a new password the next time that you log into the Linode Manager. We also recommend changing your LISH passwords and, if applicable, regenerating your API key.

The following represent best practices in creating new passwords:

    Avoid using simple passwords based on dictionary words
    Never use the same password on multiple sites or services
    Never click on ‘reset password’ requests in unsolicited emails – instead go directly to the service

We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at [email protected].
...just a scatterbrained network topologist & crypto systems architect……… ҉҉҉

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Re: the Linode hack - security implication & tactical detail

Postby Pattern_Juggled » Tue Apr 16, 2013 1:59 pm

A comment we submitted to the Linode blog, discussing the breach:

An interesting situation.

For those more curious about the larger theoretical issues relating to structural VPS security, we're tracking how this plays out in a thread here:


Folks might want to read the green-highlighted text in one of the posts, if they're running FDE and aren't aware of the limitations thereof in a situation like this.

If HTP had root on the physical machines, then the VPS' running on them are vulnerable - passwords or not. Which includes injecting rootkits "up" into the VPS's from the hypervisor - password cycling would do nothing to resolve that attack vector. Not saying this happened, but it's theoretically implicit in the structure of the systems in question.

Credit card data could be the least of the worries...
...just a scatterbrained network topologist & crypto systems architect……… ҉҉҉

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Re: the Linode hack - security implication & tactical detail

Postby Rider » Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:56 pm

Thanks for this! This really is the HIGHLIGHT of everything atm. Sad though, nothing is secure.

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Re: the Linode hack - Ars' coverage

Postby Pattern_Juggled » Wed Apr 17, 2013 12:39 pm

ColdFusion hack used to steal hosting provider’s customer data
Linode hit by possible zero-day exploit patched by Adobe on April 9.
by Sean Gallagher | Apr 16 2013 | Ars Technica

A vulnerability in the ColdFusion Web server platform, reported by Adobe less than a week ago, has apparently been in the wild for almost a month and has allowed the hacking of at least one company website, exposing customer data. Yesterday, it was revealed that the virtual server hosting company Linode had been the victim of a multi-day breach that allowed hackers to gain access to customer records.

The breach was made possible by a vulnerability in Adobe's ColdFusion server platform that could, according to Adobe, "be exploited to impersonate an authenticated user." A patch had been issued for the vulnerability on April 9 and was rated as priority "2" and "important." Those ratings placed it at a step down from the most critical, indicating that there were no known exploits at the time the patch was issued but that data was at risk. Adobe credited "an anonymous security researcher," with discovering the vulnerability.

But according to IRC conversation including one of the alleged hackers of the site, Linode's site had been compromised for weeks before its discovery. That revelation leaves open the possibility that other ColdFusion sites have been compromised as hackers sought out targets to use the exploit on.

ColdFusion is a Java-based Web server platform that interprets its own proprietary markup language in page code to access server-side application components and data. It has had a large installed base in the government sector and other markets, but its market share has been in decline for some time, and the technology has seen little change since 2009. In 2011, Adobe announced it was moving the whole of ColdFusion development to India.

The element attacked is its user authentication component, cflogin. In March, a ColdFusion user reported encountering errors in cflogin he believed were because of attempted hack attacks. "I've now seen cflogin throw an error twice now with bad input at—I believe—the cookie level," he reported to Adobe's bug tracker.

By exploiting the login vulnerability, the hackers were able to gain access to the Linode server itself and to the site's code. Through the code, they were able to obtain the login credentials to Linode's database and stole customer data that included hashed passwords, encrypted credit card data, and the unencrypted last four digits of credit cards used for verification purposes. Customer keys for Linode's deployment and management APIs were also exposed.

Linode has expired those keys and is re-issuing them. Linode representatives said in a blog post that it has "no evidence decrypted credit card numbers were obtained" and added that the encryption key for credit card data was not stored on the server and was "not guessable, sufficiently long and complex, not based on dictionary words, and not stored anywhere but in our heads."

Ars has contacted Linode for comment on the breach, but a spokesperson said it may be several days before the company will respond with further information.
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HTP claims ownership of Linode (w/ partial ASCII art :-/ )

Postby Pattern_Juggled » Tue May 07, 2013 3:33 pm

"I'm positive they owned."

▄▄ ▄▄ ▄▄ ▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄
██ ██ ███▄██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██▄▄ HTP5
██ ██ ██ ▀██ ██▄██ ██▄█▀ ██▄▄
██ ▄▄ ▄▄

* Before reading this section of HTP5, we recommend you pop some popcorn.

Following HTP4, we were promptly attacked by the next set of skids looking to
get baked by our terabit DDoS cannon. A group impersonating ac1db1tch3z decided
to take an alternative route, and located us through the development of one of
our botnets, Zodiac. We quickly switched into a fallback network and found out
they used SwiftIRC. SwiftIRC's nameservers were none other than Linode.

Oh by the way, actual AB, was your second backdoor in Unreal that eval() shell
stored in their PHPBB MySQL database? if so -- you've finally been expunged ;)

Linode turned out to be safe from our null RDS pass 1day (before Adobe had
released their critical advisory). In the meantime, their registrar (name.com)
was taken out. We acquired their domain login (along with StackOverflow,
DeviantArt, etc.), and prepared a transparent proxy to gather Linode logins.

Speaking of registrars, Xinnet, MelbourneIT, and Moniker - you're all owned.
Back in November, we hinted at Huawei access in our Symantec release. Their
registrar? Xinnet. Total domains owned: about 5.5 million total. No kidding. :P

However, right in time, our very own HTP zeroday research division manifested
subzero.py: a zeroday giving us a direct route into Linode. We proceeded to
breach Linode and acquire their in-memory keys. This allowed us to download
Linode's databases and prepare to backdoor SwiftIRC via the LiSH console+

Meanwhile, we enjoyed our (root) access to Nmap, Nagios, SQLite, OSTicket,
Phusion Passenger (modrails), Mono Project, Prey Project, Pastie, Sucuri, Hak5,
Pwnie Express, Puppet, and oauth. It got better when we found Jen Emick and
xnite were customers, but that's getting into another story.

Unknown to us at the time, the FBI had successfully accessed HTP. They made
their presence obvious, as everything we would get was burned within a few days.
However, we merely considered it to be a leak, and waited to use Linode itself
to identify the source.

Soon after, the FBI alerted Linode that Nmap was being backdoored, unknowingly
identifying themselves as the source of the leaks within HTP. We still
considered it a leak, and told Linode that if they did not act upon our
already-gained access by 5/1, we would shred all of our Linode-related data.
This included 159,000+ decrypted CCs, usernames, $5 hashed passwords, LiSH
usernames, plaintext LiSH passwords, and employee logins. In the case of
noncompliance, we stated that we would drop it all in our release.

This was actually quite a good offer. We made it because we didn't care about
CCs to begin with (that's directed at everyone on Twitter blaming Linode for
identity theft) and because our primary target was SwiftIRC, not Linode. They
accepted to protect their customer data/CCs (there wasn't much choice).

The FBI got pissed off by this development and forced Linode's hand. After
informing them we would follow through and shred all of our Linode data within a
week, the FBI and Linode coordinated a release detailing the breach in an email
to their customers. We were confused. If they just did this on 5/1, nothing
would be affected? Apparently, the FBI did not trust us. We soon found out
Linode's situation was not voluntary.

Linode was between a rock and a hard place. They had to comply with the FBI
(immediately), but doing so would mean all 159,000+ customers would be on Full
Disclosure by 5/1. Recognizing their situation, we instead told them that if
they acknowledged HTP in their analysis, we'd go ahead and shred their customer
data anyway. Readily enabling carders was never part of our plan. They agreed,
and we proceeded to delete our copies of the data for them.

There was one more loose end to tie. We identified which users on HTP were
involved with the FBI, and promptly gained access to one of their cams. Sure
enough, there was a handler standing behind him, monitoring his involvement
in HTP (hi!).

The FBI lost their access into HTP.

So what's in this release, if not Linode? EDIT: Hahaha we guess that was too
hot, we'll give you guys registrar data instead.

~ http://mirror.hack-the-planet.tv/HTP-5/Linode/ss1.png
|- 193K | Linode blog post screenshot 1
~ http://mirror.hack-the-planet.tv/HTP-5/Linode/ss2.png
|- 179K | Linode blog post screenshot 2
~ http://mirror.hack-the-planet.tv/HTP-5/ ... ardata.txt
|- 70K | Data on the registars mentioned above.
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