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wallet addresses: darkcoins, dogecoins, litecoins, namecoins, bitcoins

This subforum is both a place to find & discuss independent cryptostorm token resellers, as well as to discuss cryptocoin related topics such as buying bitcoins, altcoins such as darkcoins and dogecoins, "tumbling" coins, theoretical/mathematical topics, etc.
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wallet addresses: darkcoins, dogecoins, litecoins, namecoins, bitcoins

Postby cryptostorm_team » Sat Nov 08, 2014 7:19 am

{direct link: cryptostorm.org/coins}

We're happy to support a wide range of cryptocurrencies, from bitcoins through quite a few newly-birthed, anonymity-focussed alternatives. Most folks who buy with coins use one of the auto-priced buttons we offer through bitpay on our join cryptostorm page. However, a substantial minority do these transactions via bitmessage & we're more than happy to provide this vastly more secure & private alternative procedure. Because of price volatility, we do conversions realtime as token purchases are requested via these non-hosted coin transfer mechanisms... so the price for your token will be those quoted for bitcoins but shifted over to your preferred coin via an exchange-published conversion that's reliable at that time.

We still do all delivery of cryptocoin-based purchases via a manual sign-off by a cryptostorm staffer. We've kept this procedure to ensure we didn't break security via too much purchase-to-token data bindings, even though nowadays it can be a a challenge to handle volume manually. While we think we'll soon have an automated delivery process (similar to the 'tokenbot' we use for non-coin token purchases), meanwhile if you notice it takes a few minutes for your coin-purchased token to arrive, don't panic. We really never lose orders or forget to send tokens, although occasionally orders come in as one staffer is signing out and another coming on-deck; in those cases the lag for delivery can be a bit longer. If you want to be sure, it's ok to email us and ask... but we'll get your token out, even if you don't!

    (another note: actually, now we've automated coin-based token purchases, thanks to some clever decoupling mechanisms and a few years' worth of working on how to do it reliably, securely, and most importantly without adding informational links between coin purchases and token details; we'll post up further expansions on this new capability in a separate thread, but wanted to correct the above paragraph meanwhile, because details matter...)

Here's our main inbound bitcoin wallet address:

    coinbase: 1CdtqMomEuwnjpYwZSudQ3LrFphtnv2por

Currently 'hot wallet' supported coins:

 ! Message from: df
The wallets previously listed here were with bit.ac, and it looks like bit.ac shut down and stole everyone's money - https://twitter.com/bit_ac/status/894873270327103488
So removing all the wallet addresses from here until we can find a viable replacement.

How to proceed when you want to buy a token using one of the above wallets:

Code: Select all

When you calculate price based on our advertised BTC prices, please be sure to add a 1% fee to
cover for exchanges and network fees, thanks!

After transfer please communicate:
duration bought
transaction ID
link to the applied exchange rate

to altcoins@cryptostorm.is.

After verification, we will send you the token.


    ~ cryptostorm_team


Re: wallet addresses: darkcoins, dogecoins, litecoins, namecoins, bitcoins

Postby Grizzwald » Fri Apr 17, 2015 6:52 pm

Hey their Crypto Storm team. Love everythign that you guys are doing here. I have been a current user for the last 3 months and love your services.. . I am currently writing this to ask you to start accepting ShadowCash (SDC). Its is a very fundamentally strong project that focuses mainly on anonymity. They are the first to implement NIZKPs using ring sigs on a Bitcoin Codebase.From encrypted chat built in wallet to a decentralized market not far out I think that Cryptostorm is a perfect fit for a brand like SDC. Hers a little taste of the project and whats coming. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPcwAToJYtY <--SDC explanation Video Image Image Image Image

Check out the github https://github.com/SDCDev/shadowcoin

We are all about Privacy and Anonymity thats why we believe SDC would be the perfect payment for your services. Also I would love to just be able to pay for your services in my Shadow. Enjoy and I hope you will entertain the idea!!


Please support Monero (XMR)

Postby aminorex » Wed Mar 09, 2016 12:48 am

I wish to use a privacy-enabled currency to transact, meaning one with legitimate peer-reviewed cryptographic privacy guarantees. Please consider enabling payments in monero (XMR).


Re: wallet addresses: darkcoins, dogecoins, litecoins, namecoins, bitcoins

Postby ilovealtcoinstoo » Sat Mar 12, 2016 3:12 pm

You could use Shapeshift.io for instance :D


Re: wallet addresses: darkcoins, dogecoins, litecoins, namecoins, bitcoins

Postby MoneroGrrl » Sat Apr 30, 2016 8:28 pm

Cryptostorm Supports Monero (XMR)

I just spoke with Fermi on the Cryptostorm IRC channel. He set up a payment ID for Monero (XMR).

Payment ID: 46jGRjhCcNqVKMAH691y5WgPxJuhfG7wCBVDHXYTF7bJcdxKWshNh9qM6cQUpLi4UKRPRhMrwrZxLMfg58H28whzNtnrWtW

Note: When you calculate the exchange fee, be sure to add a 1% fee to cover for exchanges and network fees.

After transfer please email altcoins@cryptostorm.is with:
1) Item or Service Duration Amount Bought
2) Transaction ID

Cryptostorm will reply with your token.

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Re: wallet addresses: darkcoins, dogecoins, litecoins, namecoins, bitcoins

Postby rjmalagon » Tue Mar 21, 2017 12:08 am

Dear Ladies and Gentleman.
I would be very pleased if your kindness may afford a zcash wallet.
Sincerely thanks for your services.

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