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cryptostorm: our privacy policy

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cryptostorm: our privacy policy

Postby cryptostorm_team » Wed Aug 21, 2013 6:49 am

{direct link: privacy.cryptostorm.org}

Most of our published commitments regarding customer loyalty and operational security procedures can be found in our Terms of Service, so if you're interested in these questions we suggest a review of those as a starting point. However, it's also traditional to have a separate "privacy policy." We would gladly buck such tradition, as we often do... but instead here's our concise alternative version:

Frist, the best way to retain - and respect - privacy is to avoid the disclosure of sensitive data in the first place. We created our groundbreaking token-based network authentication framework with this goal in mind. Via tokens, our network members connect to and make use of cryptostorm with no accounts, subscriptions, or interpersonal connection with us. More importantly, their payment for network access is completely decoupled from the network itself: tokens break the chain.

Second, we've modified the core source code of the openvpn application to remove physical IP address as an element of our member-session network administration, anywhere in our infrastructure. Thus we do not retain "logs" of member activity on the network because it is not possible to do so given the production environment we use. Our core team pioneered the "no logging" concept back in 2007, and we were roundly mocked back them for doing so - called "irresponsible" and "unreasonable" and so on. Nowadays, "no logging" is largely an empty marketing buzzword - everyone and their cat claims to run a "no-logging VPN service." Whatever. It's not a buzzword for us; it's a core foundation of our service, and always has been.

Third, our websites (like this one) are totally separate and live on entirely separate physical machines from our production network. That's also true for our in-house email system & associated files, as well as other secondary administrative systems (IRC, etc.). In these non-production systems, we often keep digital records: email messages we send and receive, webserver access data, and so on. None of it directly relates to network operations or member sessions, but we're still careful to minimise what we keep and protect what is there. Outside folks who want to be sure they don't leave a breadcrumbs trail in those files are encouraged to visit our sites from within secure network techniques, as per usual opsec procedures.

Fourth, and perhaps most centrally, the question of law enforcement (i.e. cops, LEO, etc.). We have a hard-earned reputation for absolute loyalty to our customers, our secure network, and to the fundamental importance of secure communications in the face of enormous surveillance regimes. This manifests in our 'privacy seppuku pledge,' our approach to team identification, and in our support for a wide range of activists, activist projects, and technological approaches to social diversity enhancement and protection. It also results from ample firsthand experience on the part of team members with the sharp edges of the police state. So we're not terribly cooperative when it comes to "demands" we betray our customers, sorry. We've been accused of showing "unwavering defiance" in the face of such pressure. Indeed.

No system is perfect, no team is perfect, no person is perfect, and nobody can promise you perfect safety, perfect privacy, or perfect security. What we can offer is our decades of front-line experience, our hard-won personal reputations for integrity, our track record over nearly 10 years in the "VPN industry" as a team, and our unwavering defiance of police state shenanigans. Also... a cryptographically robust, well-designed, well-run secure network.

That's what we've got. We hope it helps.


the cryptostorm team
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