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cryptostorm's full public launch - press release

Looking for a bit more than customer support, and want to learn more about what cryptostorm is , what we've been announcing lately, and how the cryptostorm network makes the magic? This is a great place to start, so make yourself at home!
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cryptostorm's full public launch - press release

Post by cryptostorm_team » Sun Feb 02, 2014 2:02 pm

Cryptostorm Darknet ~ Full Public Launch ~ Year of the Horse

Reykjavik, Faxaflói Bay, Iceland (PRWEB) February 02, 2014

After more than five years in the making, and months of exhaustive public beta testing, the cryptostorm darknet has now opened to full public availability. Incorporating extensive member community feedback during beta, as well as top-tier cryptographic expertise, cryptostorm offers an elegant, blazing-fast, ubiquitous online privacy service.

~ ~ ~

Rebuilt ground-up by the same team behind Cryptocloud VPN, which revolutionised online privacy when launched in 2007, the cryptostorm darknet "levels up" dramatically from all prior privacy services. Opensource, decentralised, peer-reviewed, and battle-tested... from top to bottom, cryptostorm delivers.

Months of performance tuning brings forward a privacy service without peer, one uniquely capable of serving the high-bandwidth, always-on requirements of members worldwide. Deep cryptographic foundations, correctly and transparently implemented, underpin a parallel focus on top network performance.

In a public statement concurrent with launch, the cryptostorm team observes that "the military spying apparatus of the world's superpowers has been turned away from its legitimate purposes, and towards the daily lives of civilians. To state this is not merely to offer opinion; thanks to Snowden's whistleblowing, it is documented fact. Worse, our democratic system of laws has utterly failed to offer any real protection against the frightening prospect of a world far worse than any dystopic future Orwell envisioned. And yet, math works - crypto technology has proven itself against even the NSA's vast resources. Even so, crypto tech must be done right, to be worth anything."

Cryptostorm does it right.

And yet, there's more to real-world security than fancy tech. Cryptostorm's organizational model - decentralised, attack-hardened, jurisdictionally diverse - is as important as its proven crypto framework.

No central nodes, no central points of failure, no information about members stored anywhere, ever; after pioneering "no logging" policies in 2008, cryptostorm's team now steps forward with a model that directly addresses the sharp realities of today's online world. Coupled with a groundbreaking, structurally anonymous payment model, cryptostorm delivers real protection in a post-Snowden world.

Good tech and good project design useless without excellent customer support, and an unshakeable devotion to elegant & ease-of-use. Cryptostorm neither allows corners to be cut in security, nor in elegance of design. With an unashamed commitment to improving the world by empowering citizens against dragnet spy regimes, cryptostorm's team has created a security service to protect everyone, everywhere.

Cryptostorm is different from older models that have tried initially to provide true online security. No more a "VPN service" than an old growth forest is merely "some trees," the cryptostorm darknet delivers serious crypto protection quietly in the background, as it should be. No hype and no hot air: the project bristles with deep tech talent, but remains focused on widespread accessibility.

The world's citizens are anything but helpless in the face of meta-legal spying, intrusive data collection, and transnational surveillance. Cryptostorm is a core tool in transcending victimhood: an uncompromising, unrepentant, unmatched alternative to half-baked, hype-filled, backdoored security theatre.

A hybrid of the best ideas, technology, talent, and wisdom of nonprofit efforts, combined with the production resources of a commercial project, cryptostorm brings bulletproof protection out of the specialised realms of the technical shadows, and into the reach of everyone.

Free test tokens available on request. Complimentary membership always available for activists, dissidents, students, and financially challenged folks worldwide. Cryptostorm: privacy tech done right.
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Re: cryptostorm's full public launch - press release

Post by Tinctorius » Thu Feb 06, 2014 3:18 am

Very well said. Where will you publish this? (I am thinking where I will put a link, surely on the Manjaro Forum)

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Re: cryptostorm's full public launch - press release

Post by Pattern_Juggled » Sat Feb 08, 2014 4:49 am

Tinctorius wrote:Very well said. Where will you publish this? (I am thinking where I will put a link, surely on the Manjaro Forum)
To be honest, we've sort of just shoved it out the front door - via PRWeb - and been scrambling to keep up with network traffic increases ever since...

We'd be happy to have it crossposted elsewhere. Attached is the "official" version, as pdf...
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