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Youth Terrance Williams Jersey

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Youth Terrance Williams Jersey

Post by linchao » Mon Jan 21, 2019 7:43 am

Opposing offensive player of the week: DeAndre Hopkins is a freak Youth Terrance Williams Jersey , but be aware of rookie Keke Coutee The Dallas Cowboys defense have yet another challenge to prepare for as the team heads down south to battle the Houston Texans in a Lone Star State clash. Last week, the defense needed to find ways to stop Matthew Stafford and his weapons on the outside. This week, Deshaun Watson and Deandre Hopkins will look to put up points. Houston has struggled to get going in 2018, but their offense continues to light up the scoreboard, only being held to less than 20 points in one of their first four games, including putting up 37 in an overtime win versus the Colts last Sunday. As you can see, Kris Richard and Rod Marinelli have their hands full when coming up with a way to stop the Texans from getting into the end zone.Watson was on his way to an electric rookie season before going down with a torn ACL last October. Hopkins is regarded as one of the elite wideouts in the game. While those two will obviously get a lot of attention, the Cowboys need to be aware of a sneaky good weapon that made his NFL debut in the previously mentioned OT win in week four.Keke Coutee, a Texas Tech Red Raiders product, was drafted by the Houston Texans in the fourth round in this past draft. Known for his 4.43 speed, Coutee was brought into Houston in hopes of adding another element of explosiveness around quarterback Watson. Unfortunately, it took until week four for Coutee to see the field in the NFL due to some injuries that kept him out of parts of training camp. He certainly made the most of it:The speedy target grabbed 11 passes in week four’s dramatic win over the AFC South foe Indianapolis Colts, breaking Andre Johnson’s franchise record for most receptions in a debut. While Bill O’Brien did not dial up any deep shots for Watson to take in Coutee’s direction, Houston did find different ways to get the ball in the speedster’s hands. Here, the Texans are able to get Coutee out on the outside, and he does the rest en route to picking up a first down and moving the chains.Watson looked Coutee’s way a couple of different times in the overtime period as well, and the rookie was able to pick up a first down here:How many different ways did Houston find to get the ball in their rookie’s hands? Take a look for yourself. Hint: the Texans were wanting to get the ball in the former Texas Tech star’s hands quickly.It’s easy to see that the Texans have a high priority in getting Coutee in the open field — and for good reason, as he showed in his first game. In addition to recording the second-highest separation per target in week four, Coutee averaged just over eight yards per touch against the Colts. Although he did not reach the end zone, Coutee had a big impact on the game.Some of that may have to do with just how bad the Colts are, sure, but Coutee is an electric playmaker that appears to be capable of making big plays for the Texans. Deandre Hopkins is the obvious alpha-dog that can take over a game and Will Fuller is a big-play threat when healthy Youth Zack Martin Jersey , but this rookie is yet another weapon on the Texans offense that warrants attention.With Sean Lee still sidelined, the Cowboys linebackers must have great eye-discipline when Coutee goes in motion — when he gets the ball or when he is used as a decoy to draw the defense up and free throwing lanes for Watson. The Cowboys may be the best defense that Houston has seen this year, and the Texans are arguably the most dynamic offense that Dallas will have lined up against up to this point in 2018.It should be a fun battle on Sunday Night Football.Jason Garrett: No dramatic personnel changes to shake up the offense After the loss to the Seahawks, the NFL schedule rolls on. The Cowboys have a Sunday date with the Lions, and since it’s Wednesday, Jason Garrett met with the media before the first practice of the week. (All answers from Garrett are paraphrased and not actual quotes).With the struggling offense, will there be any personnel changes?No dramatic changes. We just got to get back and get locked in, we need to move the ball, be efficient and productive. There were some good things in that game to build on, but we have to be more productive. We’ll look at the coaching staff, the execution of the players, what we’re asking them to do.When does it become the point you look at personnel changes?We are always evaluating that. Evaluating how we’re using the personnel, are we maximizing their strengths, minimize the weaknesses, it’s an on-going process.How do you get more downfield throws to get more explosive plays?You just do it. So much is predicated on what you want to do and what the defense gives you. We present opportunities vertically, we need to take advantage of them when they are available, if not then you take the intermediate or underneath option to move chains. Trust is critical for all parts of team, all 11 men must do the job. Hopefully over time you build that trust, demonstrate accountability, all over the football team.Have you seen many plays where Dak has a clean pocket and and open guy but just missed it?Sure, there have been examples where he didn’t see a guy, or something happens in protection. You evaluate it play by play http://www.authenticsdallascowboys.com/ ... ath-jersey , I haven’t seen an overarching problem, it’s something goes wrong here on this play, something else on that play. Hopefully we canexecute better.With Sean Lee out for a bit, talk about Jaylon Smith.He’s done a nice job, he’s improved dramatically. First hurdle was getting healthy, he played last year but wasn’t 100%. He’s gotten better physically, he learns from experience, he goes about it right way. He was healthy and had a good offseason. He’s played a lot of snaps and is certainly more capable now. Smart guy that goes about it the right way.Some teams throw 40-50 times a game. Is it possible to run the ball that much in a game?Balance is a goal, but running the ball helps linemen, QB’s get more favorable looks, and it helps the defense. Running the ball is a big part of what we do, but you have to balance other way, too. We have to make plays in the passing game.What’s the latest update on Travis Frederick?I think he is doing better, but the best person to ask would be him. He is around the team every day, he hasn’t practiced or done a walk-through. He looks better. He would need to pass some strength threshold in the weight room first (before coming back), best to ask him. He is moving around better, he’s contributing.Will Maliek Collins practice today?If he does it would be limited, I would expect him to work on the side.Deonte Thompson has added spark on kick returns.He’s done a nice job on kick returns. He’s a vet guy, he has a good feel for it, has speed and vision. Isn’t afraid to run it up in there.Would you like to get Tavon Austin more involved offensively?Sure, he’s been a big part of what we’ve done. We anticipated being able to move him around and put in different spots,Will Jeff Heath practice today?Yes.Can you feel confident with Sean Lee missing http://www.authenticsdallascowboys.com/ ... own-jersey , given the previous stats about the defense when he is out?Jaylon is much further along in his experience. We feel good about Vander Esch’s development. We like the LB corps. Damien Wilson is a better player than before, and Joe Thomas. But mainly we feel good about Jaylon and Leighton. Sean is a big-time player, he’ll be engaged. He’s a great football player good physically, instincts are rare, and he is a great leader, emotional leader. He make calls and communicates. He’s a vet, and is great about teaching Jaylon and Leighton, he helps themWill Brice Butler play this week?Haven’t made any determination, he had a good week, hopefully he has another this week.Surgery for Datone Jones’ hamstring?I understand he will need surgery but that’s not for sure, whatever the case he won’t be back anytime soon that’s why we put him on IR.With LVE missing time in camp, are you surprised at his play this early?A big part of his eval was his smarts, instincts, we saw that at the outset, even before he missed time. He remained engaged when he was out, he’s wants to know the calls, run the plays mentally, when out he stayed engaged. Custom Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys
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